Viewing Categories and Adding Subcategories

STEP 1: Go to Competitions

  • From Dashboard click on Competitions in the left-hand menu.

STEP 2: Open Settings for the target program

  • Click Settings next to the program you want to set up categories for.

STEP 3: Click Configure in the Categories section

  • Under the Program Settings locate Categories section and click Configure underneath.

STEP 4: Click Add Subcategory

  • To add the subcategory for an existing category, click Add Subcategory link next to the target parent category.

STEP 5: Define the new subcategory

  • Fill in the required fields: Code and Name
  • Select Category Group and Scoring Group from the respective drop-down lists.
  • Populate any other fields you deem necessary.
  • Click Save to create the new subcategory.

STEP 6: Check that the new subcategory appears in the list

  • Go back to the list of Categories and see that your subcategory has been added properly.
  • You can change it settings by clicking Select, or remove it by clicking Delete.