Restrict Online Judging to Certain Categories

Even if you assigned entries to judges in all categories, it is possible to temporarily block judging of specific categories at any time. This is useful if you have a combination of online and in-person judging. Perhaps you assign all judges to all entries, but they are only allowed to score a sub-set of entries online. You can turn off judging for the in-person categories while the judges do their work. When they arrive on-site, you can turn those categories back on.

Note: When restricted (box is checked), those categories will simply not show up in the judging portal to the judges. Only the unchecked categories will show up and be available to score.

STEP 1: View Your Competitions

  • From your OpenWater Dashboard, find and click the Competitions tab on the left side navigation bar

STEP 2: Manage Your Competition

  • After clicking on the Competitions tab, look to the right to find and click on "Manage"

STEP 3: View Advanced Settings

  • Open the "Round Settings" drop-down
  • Click "Advanced"

STEP 4: Switch to Judge Restrictions Tab

  • Click on the "Judging Restrictions" tab

STEP 5: Restrict to Certain Categories

  • Click the "Restrict Online Judging to Certain Categories" radio button to enable the option and view the categories
  • Select which categories you want restricted

    Note: a checked box indicates the category can be judged online
  • Click "Save"