Reset an Entrant's Password

This will show you how to reset an entrant's password.

STEP 1: Open the Entrants Drop-Down

  • From your OpenWater Dashboard scroll down to find and open the "Entrants" drop-down
  • Click on "Search"

STEP 2: Search for the Entrant

  • Fill out the form with any relevant data
  • Click "Search"
    Note: clicking "Search" without filling out the fields will generate a list of all Entrants

STEP 3: Open the Entrant's Profile

  • After finding the entrant, open their profile by looking to the right to find and click "Select" under the "Action" header

STEP 4: Switch to Tools

  • Switch from the "User Profile" tab to the "Tools" tab

STEP 5: Generate a New Password

  • You can choose to auto-generate and email a new password, or you can manually set the new password yourself