Mark Silver Entries as Paid

Unlike the fee paid when the entrant submitted their entry, forwarding fees are not paid within the OpenWater system. The forwarding fee feature is simply for tracking and reporting. While Gold entries are usually marked to immediately roll up, Silvers typically only move on to the next stage if the entrant has paid the fee. This guide explains how to locate these entries, and mark that the forwarding payment has been received from the entrant, in order to move them into the next phase of the competition

STEP 1: Click Manage next to the competition you wish to manage the forwarding for

From the dashboard click the target competition and click Manage.

STEP 2: Click Forwarding Manager >> View Pending

On the top menu, click the Forwarding Manager item, and then click View Pending.

NOTE: If you don't see the Forwarding Manager item, you probably haven't forwarded anything yet. This feature is set to activate in your account once you forward something, as soon as you have set something to forward you will see it on the menu to the right of Tools.

If you see the Forwarding Manager but don't have a View Pending list, it means you've not got anything set to forward only once the entrant pays. You can check by looking on the View Forwarded list - if your entry appears on this list, it means you've marked it to be paid by the club instead. You'll need to go back to the forwarding process and instead select "Entrant must pay fee to enter next round" to have it show up on this Pending list.

STEP 3: Select the Entry/Entries and Mark as Paid

Check the box to the left of the entries you wish to mark as payment received, and then click MARK AS PAID.

This action will indicate that the entrant has sent a payment, and will move the entry off the Pending list and into the forwarded pile. The entry is now ready for the next stage of the competition.