Impersonate an Entrant

Sometimes the easiest way to get to the bottom of an issue that one of your entrants is experiencing is to impersonate them in the system. By doing so you can see exactly where the problem lies.

STEP 1: Navigate to "Entrants" Menu

  • From your OpenWater Dashboard look down to find and open the "Entrants" drop-down
  • Click "Search"

STEP 2: Search for the Entrant

  • Fill out the pertinent fields and then press "Search" to find a specific entrant

  • Leave the fields blank and press "Search" to generate a list of all entrants

STEP 3: Open the Entrant's Profile

  • After finding the entrant, open their profile by looking to the right to find and click "Select" under the "Action" header

STEP 4: Switch to Tools

  • Switch from the "User Profile" tab to the "Tools" tab

STEP 5: Impersonate the Entrant

  • Find and click on the "Impersonate" button. This will log you out as yourself and log you in to the competition as the entrant. You can now view or edit all of the fields as the entrant

    Note: Remember you must log back in to your admin portal after impersonating an entrant