Finalize and Complete Entrant Checkout as Admin

Finalize an entrant's shopping cart from the admin portal to mark In-Cart entries as Complete.

This can be done with or without payment.

STEP 1: Click Manage on the competition you wish to finalize entries for

From the dashboard click the target competition and click Manage

STEP 2: Access Entrant Carts

Click Entries button from the top menu, then select View Entrant Carts.

STEP 3: Select the cart you wish to finalize

From the list, locate the shopping cart you wish to finalize for the entrant, and click Select from the Action column.

STEP 4: Check over the details and process the cart, either with or without payment

On the Review and Checkout page, you can see the details of the entry/entries in the cart, along with the fees due for each.

If you have already captured payment for this cart, or wish to mark it as unpaid for now, click PROCESS WITHOUT PAYMENT. This will convert all the entries in this cart to Complete status, and will generate an unpaid invoice. If the entrant wishes to pay for this later, they can log into their account and navigate to the Invoices menu item, where there is an option to process payments. Alternatively, view this guide on marking entries as paid from the admin side.

If you wish to process payment for this cart, for example you have the entrant on the phone wanting to pay with their credit card, choose the CHECKOUT option - this will guide you through the payment screen where you can enter their card details on their behalf.