Emailing Judges Using The Email Wizard

You may need to email judges during you competition, to inform them judging for a round has started, or to remind them to finish judging entries.  To see how follow these steps.

STEP 1: View Your Competitions

  • From your OpenWater Dashboard, find and click the Competitions tab on the left side navigation bar

STEP 2: Manage Your Competition

  • After clicking on the Competitions tab, look to the right to find the list of available competitions
  • Click "Manage"

STEP 3: Access Email Wizard

  • Under the Tools drop down menu, click Email Wizard.

STEP 4: Select an Email Blast type

  • Click Edit next to the judge email blast you wish to send.
  • Select the group of judges you would like to email. This selection acts as a filter and will dictate the type of judge that will receive your email. Example: Selecting "Judges who have never logged in" will only email those users that are both judges and have never logged in. 

STEP 5: Create Your Email Content

  • Click Email Template tab
  • Complete the Subject and Message sections with your email content
  • The From Name, From Address, and To Address will default to the settings configured under SYSTEM SETTINGS >> Club Information if left blank.
  • Use Insert Variable to personalize the Subject or Message.
  • Click Save and Preview.

STEP 6: Preview, Check Recipients and Send The Emails

  • On the next screen, you can preview what the email will look like to the recipient. You can download the matches to excel to verify the recipient list. Email yourself a test by clicking Email Me Preview. To send the message right away, click Send Now. If you would like to schedule the email blast to be sent at a future date, click Schedule.