Create Your Own Entries Report

If you need something more than the reports shown under Entries >> Reports, this is how to create your own custom one.

STEP 1: Access your reports

  • From your OpenWater Dashboard, find and click the Competitions tab on the left side navigation bar.
  • After clicking on the Competitions tab, look to the right to find the list of available competitions. Click "Manage" on the competition you wish to pull a report for.
  • Open the "Entries" drop-down and click on "Reports".

STEP 2: Create a new report and give it a name

  • Click the ADD REPORT button to create a new report of your own.
  • Fill in the Name and Description fields (be as descriptive as possible so you can remember what the report is later)
  • Click SAVE

STEP 3: Set Conditions to Tell The System What to Pull

Currently, your new report will pull every entry in the system, unless you specify what exactly you want to target (such as all gold winners, or entries submitted after a certain date). To set the conditions:

  • Click on the Conditions tab
  • Select your specification - such as "Winner Category / Has / Gold"
  • If you want to pick from a range, such as 'include anything that has won Silver OR Gold', add your conditions into the bottom "Any" box. If you want ALL of your conditions to be true (e.g. has to be Gold winner, has to be submitted after Jan 1, has to be named Steve etc), put these in the top All box.
  • Once you add your conditions, your report is good to go - click back to the General tab and click the links near the bottom to download the report.