Adjust an Invoice

This will show you how to apply an adjustment to an invoice.

STEP 1: Click Manage from Dashboard

  • Click on 'Manage' on the competition you want to view invoices for.

STEP 2: Go to Invoices

  • Click 'Finance' and then Invoices / Manifests

STEP 3: Select an Invoice

  • Search for an invoice -- you can leave all fields blank to search on all invoices.
  • Open the desired invoice by clicking "Select" on the right-hand side, under the "Action" header

STEP 4: Switch to the "Accounting" tab

  • Click the "Accounting" tab to view the invoice details

STEP 5: Start an Adjustment

  • Click "Make Adjustment" to open the form

STEP 6: Make the Adjustment

  • Enter the new amount you wish to charge
  • Leave a note explaining the change (optional)
  • Click "PROCESS" button