Adding or Editing Submission Fees

A submission fee is what is charged to the entrant when they complete their entry. Most AAF clubs will set fees for Single Entries, Campaign Entries, for Members and Non-Members, and for Early Bird Entry and Late Fees.

Important: Always check and double check your fees, especially with early/late fees and their dates.

STEP 1: Click Manage next to the active program you are interested in

  • Click COMPETITIONS on the left
  • Click "Manage" next to the competition you want to add/edit fees for.

STEP 2: Go to Entry Fees

Click on Entry Fees from the Round Settings drop-down menu.

STEP 3: Edit Existing or Add New Price Rule

  • Add a new fee by clicking Add Price Rule.
  • Edit a fee by clicking "Select" in the Action column next to its name.

STEP 4: Complete the fields on the form

A new page will open with three fields on it:

  • Name - type in the name of your fee, such as Base Submission Fee - this name will appear on the entrant's invoice, so make sure it is informative to the user
  • In the second field, choose Charge (or Discount)
  • Enter the amount of the fee, then click Save.

STEP 5: Add Conditions

By default, fees are created with no conditions. If you do nothing else at this point, your fee will apply all the time, to every submission. This is shown in a red warning message on your fees screen. If you have multiple fees, such as one for Members and a different one for Non-Members, you will want to set conditions to each fee to ensure it only runs when it is supposed to.

  • Click the "Conditions" tab to start adding your conditions for when the fee will trigger.
  • Click the ADD CONDITION button under the [all] or [any] section.
When to choose "Meets [all]" or "Meets [any]"

Sometimes you will want a fee to apply when ALL conditions are true, for example, they must be a member AND be entering into a single category. In this case, you would put all the conditions under the [all] header. 

Occasionally, you will need only one of a selection to be true, for example, when they either need to be entering a campaign category OR an integrated campaign category. In this case, you put these 'either/or' rules under the [any] header.

Most often you will need to use both. For example, they MUST be a member, and they EITHER need to be entering a campaign or integrated campaign category. In this scenario you will put the member rule in the top section, and the campaign/integrated campaign category rules in the bottom section. Example

Time-based rules

One main use for fees is to create early bird or late fees. This can be done within the fees section, and can be set using the condition "Entry Finalized At". The normal way to set up these additional fees/discounts is to set them as an extention of an existing pricing rule, for example 'charge an additional $10 late fee' or 'discount $20 off the normal entry price'.

Here's an example with explanation of how to set time based rules correctly.

Additional coupons and discounts

While late fees and early bird discounts should be set under this section, additional discounts such as one-off coupons should be configured under the Coupons section (under "Round Settings"). Here's the guide for setting up coupons.