Add and Remove Judges

Judges need to be added to a round in order to be assigned submissions and start their judging. This will show you how to add and remove judges from your competition as needed.

STEP 1: Click Manage next to the active program you wish to manage judges for

  • On the left menu, navigate to DASHBOARD - this is the page you will see when you first log in
  • In the Orange Competitions box, click on the competition name to expand it
  • Click the Manage link

STEP 2: Go to the View / Add Judges screen

  • After clicking into the target program, locate the "Judging" menu item at the top
  • Click "View / Add Judges"

STEP 3: Add a Judge

  • Click "ADD JUDGE" button.
  • If you already have judges in the system, you will see a list of those judges, and you can click "Assign", or you can click "ADD NEW JUDGE" if you want to add one rather than choose from the existing list.
  • If you have never added judges before, you will be taken straight to the form to add a new judge in.

STEP 4: Enter the Judge Information

  • Enter the new judge's First Name, Last Name, and Email
  • Click "Save"

STEP 5: Remove a Judge

To remove a judge:

  • Find the judge you wish to remove and, under the "Action" column, click "Remove Judge"
Note: Be careful removing judges if they have already started on their judging assignments, as removing them will remove all their scores from completed judging assignments.

Want to do more with your judges?

See the following guides:

Or watch this handy video that goes through the judging workflow (and feel free to share it with your judges).